Felt Bonding Resins

Phenolic resins are used in the production of felts for different industries by using shredded fabrics and fibers obtained by recycling.

Felts are used in the automotive and white goods industry thanks to their thermal and sound insulation properties. The most of the felts consist of fiber blend. The air gaps in its fibrous structure help to provide the necessary insulation. Powder novolac resins are dispersed in the wool and synthetic fibers cut and cured with heat at the connection points. Thanks to these fiber structures coated with phenolic resin, the strength values of the felts also increase.

The amount of hexamethylenetetramine (HMTA) of powder novolacs used in felt production can be at different rates. The curing feature of the phenolic resin directly affects the felt production rate.

The most of felt products are used in the automotive and white goods industry, have fire retardant phenolic resins. Phenolic resins containing nitrogenous, phosphate and boron additives are preferred. Halogen-free phosphorus flame retardant additives slow down the pyrolysis by preventing oxygen contact during combustion.