Composite Resins

Çukurova Kimya composite resins are binders synthesized with unique formulas for the needs of the composite industry. Alcohol or water-based phenolic resins can be cured with heat or catalyst. Composite resins are specially produced to exhibit the highest compatibility with the fiber matrix.

Binders can be produced with high wetting ability, high char yield, suitable for automation/manual production, compatible with fibers such as glass, carbon and aramid. These resins can be used in many areas from general-purpose construction materials to the parts for the needs of the aerospace industry.

Composite resins, whose curing time can be adjusted with hardeners containing different acids, cured in a short time at low oven temperatures and held the composite structure together. Micro-void formation during curing the phenolic resin can cause brittle composite materials. Çukurova Kimya composite resins, which are specially developed to obtain stronger structures and increase the crosslink density, form a minimum number of micro-voids in the material.