Combi Boiler and Water Heater Thermal Insulation Boards

Thermal insulation boards are developed for use in combustion chambers of the combi boiler and water heater.

These boards are produced with wet infiltration process in order to be used in areas that require high performance thermal insulation. Thermal insulation boards are calcium, magnesium and ceramic fiber-based materials that not include asbestos, can be directly exposed to fire and have low thermal conductivity and high thermal stability.

Product forms are designed for special requirements, heat control is provided in applications requiring high temperatures.

IZOSET™ and eco-friendly EKOSET™, a Çukurova Kimya brand, thermal insulation boards provide maximum thermal insulation to exposed to fire directly. These long service life products are used for insulation purposes in condensing boilers and in an exchanger.

Product AdvantagesProduct Advantages

  • Chemical stability at high temperature
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Resistant to thermal shock and corrosion
  • Resistant to installation stretchs

Please contact sales representatives for technical drawings containing technical information and dimensions of the products.