Thermal Insulation Boards

Insulation boards are produced with wet infiltration process in order to be used in areas that require high-performance thermal insulation. Thermal insulation boards are ceramic fiber-based materials that do not include asbestos, can be directly exposed to fire and have low thermal conductivity and high thermal stability.

Product forms are designed for special requirements, heat control is provided in applications requiring high temperatures.

DURASET® and IZOSET® boards are preferred according to application to protect sensitive equipment that may be affected by high temperatures.

Product Usage AreasProduct Usage Areas

  • Inner covers of the industrial ovens
  • Transport of non-ferrous metals (runners) and similar applications
  • In the surfaces that are directly exposed to fire as a barrier
  • Expansion joints and similar applications

The boards with thickness and sensitiveness that meet the needs of customers can be produced by means of formulations that are developed according to application areas. Alumina silicate, magnesium silicate and calcium silicate fiber-based products are suggested according to application areas and properties that are required.

These materials can be cut and shaped by our customers with hand tools according to application areas that are required.


Please contact sales representatives for technical drawings containing technical information and dimensions of the products.