Vision & Mission

Our Vision is to follow up the developments in the world in parallel with the international economic and technological developments and to carry our leading position in the local market to the international markets.

With our business understanding and activities based on science, innovation, environmental and sustainable values, providing the best service to our customers in our field and ensuring 100% customer satisfaction are among our primary duties., Çukurova Kimya Endüstrisi A.Ş. , aims to set an example for other companies and to take a respected place in the country and abroad with the help of being aware of its social responsibilities an understanding that creates added value for its customers and society.

Our mission is to present our products and services in accordance with international quality standards, in line with technological developments and by fulfilling all legal requirements and to create a better value and contribution to our customers and society by meeting the needs and expectations with an environmentally friendly and sensitive understanding of human health, with our customer-oriented approach based on the principles of expertise, creativity, teamwork, continuous research and development and safety