Company Profile

Çukurova Kimya Endüstrisi A.Ş. was established in the Manisa Organized Industrial Zone in 1974. It is Turkey's first and most rooted institution in its field. We are proud to be a company that breaks new ground in the chemical industry in our country and to sells our products to the whole world with the 'Made in Türkiye' stamp.

It is placed in an area of 70,000 m² and the indoor area is roughly 30% of the total factory area. It is approximately 40 km from Izmir Port and 56 km from Izmir Airport and is located Izmir-Istanbul highway.

The company has ISO certifications by Global Certification Bodies Operating Quality System Certification and also it has been determined that it meets the appropriate criteria by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology and has been awarded the "Accreditive Research & Development Center" certificate In 2017.

Today, Çukurova Kimya's main product range consists of Phenolic Foundry Resins and Catalysts, Industrial Phenolic Resins, Exothermic & Insulating Feeder Sleeves, Refractory Core and Mold Coatings, Thermal Insulation Plates and Auxiliary Foundry Materials.

Çukurova Kimya Endüstrisi export to 41 countries in wide geography including our country, Central and Eastern Europe, Slavic Countries, Middle East, North and Central Africa, Central Asia, South America and Caucasus countries.