Çukurova Kimya Endüstrisi A.Ş. is located in an Industrial Zone in Manisa, a city 40 km inland from Izmir port. The location is 56 km to the airport and is on the main Izmir-Istanbul highway. The company plant is placed in an area of 70.000 m² and covers roughly 30% of this area. Çukurova Kimya was established back in 1974. The initial objective was to produce foundry resins for the foundry industry. Çukurova Kimya had a plant to produce Furfural from local olive press cake, Furfuryl Alcohol from Furfural and Furan resins from Furfuryl Alcohol. As new binder Technologies emerged in the foundry resins market, Çukurova Kimya signed a license agreement at the end of 1989 with the Borden Chemical (UK) Ltd. (currently Hexion Specialty Chemicals) to produce ester cured Alkaline Phenolic Resins. In the meantime the company decided to stop production of Furfural due to the economic reasons.

Along with the research and innovation studies, the company began to produce exothermic and insulation feeder sleeves in 1991 and gained important success in alkaline phenolic resins in the same year as well. Çukurova Kimya got the first results in 1993 on improving their own phenolic resins through her own research activities for the industry. In 1996 the agreement between Çukurova Kimya and “Borden Chemical UK. Ltd. (Hexion Specialty Chemicals) was renewed with an addition of “know-how” transfer on industrial and phenolic resins, core and mold coatings. In 2006 the agreement was renewed with “Hexion Specialty Chemicals”.

Çukurova Kimya Product List

  • Foundry Resins and Catalysts
  • Industrial Phenolic Resins
  • Exothermic and Insulation Feeding Systems
  • Refractory Coatings
  • Heat Insulation Boards
  • Auxiliary Foundry Materials.

Çukurova Kimya exports to countries like the EU members Germany, Britain, Italy, France, Sweden, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan and The Ukraine, Russia, Iran, Pakistan, Israel, Egypt, and, Ethiopia.